newbie questions taper floor plan mansard roof

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newbie questions taper floor plan mansard roof

Postby Susie » Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:40 am

Hello all,
I have been teaching myself revit, the online community is amazing, so a big thank you to the people who take the time to post tutorials online and answer questions. I have come across a couple of stumbling blocks and am looking for some help please;

1- I have a tapering floor plan, a long thin rectangle that is say 5m wide at one end, 10m long, and 3m wide at the far end. I need to put a mansard roof on it. I have drawn the profile of the roof and used the extrude tool, but obviously the roof 'overhangs' my building at the 3m wide end. Any advice on how to fix this. It would take me minutes in sketch up! Learning new programs is always frustrating.

2- I have an enclosed stair well and on the ground floor but I need to use the space under the first flight to put open understairs storage in. I have had big problems drawing stairs, the tutorials are always so easy, then you get to an actual building and it never seems to work. Anyway so is there any way of snapping a wall to the topside/ bottomside of a run of stairs?

Many thanks in advance.
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