Revit Mep...Where are the weld fittings??

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Revit Mep...Where are the weld fittings??

Postby NY_Mech_Pipe » Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:20 pm

Hello All,

I have been tasked with reseaching if our company should switch to RMEP. We are currently using ACAD with a CADPIPE add on. The CADPIPE add on gives us a full fitting library that is dimensionally accurate in the real world. I have downloaded the RMEP trial (2011) and I see no butt weld fittings. I also see no copper fittings. I went to the load families panel and there is nothing there either. What am I missing? Where are the parts I need to create a real piping system. I need dimensionally accurate fittings because we fabricate our piping by pulling apart the model and making fab tickets with the pieces.Where do I find this content? I searched the link this forum has for revit content and I searched every page under RMEP on the autodesk seek website and there is nothing to be found. Please Help..

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