Automatic duct sizing

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Automatic duct sizing

Postby revit7777 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:37 pm


I am using Revit MEP 2012, and I had a diffuser layout being controlled by a fan coil unit. After I setup the system and set the airflows, static pressure, duct type, all that stuff, and tell it to run the ductwork, the sizes are nothing like what I would expect. The main duct coming from the fan coil is undersized and has no trasitions as the airflow lessens, and the branch ductwork coming off the main is oversized to every diffuser. It also doesn't matter if I have 400CFM or 50 CFM, it has sized all the branch ductwork at 12".

Has anyone else encountered this? Maybe there was just some setting that I missed somewhere? I also was playing around with the static pressure at the diffuser, but that doesn't change the duct size at all. Thanks for any information or tips anyone can give me.
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