3 Day MEP course

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3 Day MEP course

Postby shorty » Wed May 29, 2013 1:41 pm

Hi Guys I have just booked myself on a 3 day MEP course. They will be coming to me and it's a one to one training, so should be good. I will need to know how to create my own pipe and fittings etc as well as templates and actually drawing the pipe and fittings. But my question is does anybody have any tips or questions they think I should ask. Been doing some research and have come across COBie (which I think is where all the data is stored etc) anybody else heard of this? :)

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Re: 3 Day MEP course

Postby Conman » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:53 am

committee for Building information Exchange if i remember correctly. These guys looked to standardise a cross platform protocol for the sharing of BIM information which in its earliest incarnation was nothing more than an excel schedule of information. It's been a while but I'll be very surprised if they host content - that stuff is held in the NBS bim library but is very very basic because it is meant to be cross platform.

As for the MEP course, it'll be interesting to see howe you get on.
Here is what i would want to get out of the course.
1. how to load and export arch models into MEP and to and fro.
2. How to draw cable trays duct runs etc (pretty basic) so I'm sure included
3. how to modify or create UK style/sized fittings
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