Hidden Elevation Marks

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Hidden Elevation Marks

Postby Goat21 » Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:22 pm

Hello all and thanks for the help in advance.

I am using Revit MEP 2012. I am linking autocad elevations into my Revit project. Somewhere the elevation mark is hidden from my plan view and I cannot find it to move it.

When I link in my east elevation i get the following error message: Warning none of the created elements are visible in Elevation: West - Mech View. You may want to check the active view, its parameters and visibility settings.

After checking everything I am exhausted and now I am reaching out for help. I know the east elevation mark needs to me moved in order for me to see the east elevation. I've checked the 'reveal hidden elements'. I cannot seem to reveal the elevation mark on my plan view in order to move it.

Any advice and help is GREATLY appreciated!

The system will not allow me to add the revit file.

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