CObie Drop Excelt+Revit- Converting wall to component

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CObie Drop Excelt+Revit- Converting wall to component

Postby oliverwn » Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:36 pm

Hi everyone,

If someone could help me with this I would be so grateful.

My colleague and I would like to know if an external wall has its own space within Revit Architecture? If it doesn't how do we get the wall component to appear in the Cobie drop within components in a COBie drop excel sheet ? How do external walls appear in Cobie if they are not a space?

We would like the external wall in picture 1 to appear in picture 2 (yellow column= component list) within the excel Cobie Drop excel spread sheet.

At the moment the wall component is listed within a separate schedule see picture 1. We would like this (basic walls/ structural walls) to appear within the COBie2-Component List ( picture 1).

Is this possible?

We are struggling with this and would be very grateful for some help regarding this matter.

Thank you very much,

Picture2 (2).png
Picture 2
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Picture 1
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