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Postby zfei » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:31 am

Hi there, this might be answered before (sorry that I can't find it anywhere) but I need some opinion on these.

Currently, I am doing a sport complex project. the total floor number is 2 - ground floor (changing areas) and 1st floor (offices, cafe etc). So not a massive project. As I am very very new to Revit, before I started on the building model, I was asked to do my site model in revit. Then, I imported the cad files into my site model and start building and name it Model Stage xx.

The site model is 20mb. the current file I am working on is 120mb. My question is,

1. If I delete the site model and link it in instead, would the file size be smaller? Is it recommended? I am worried it would get too big if we start to do detail in later stage.
2. When I send the consultants the revit model, ie landscape architects and engineer (cut and fill) who need the site model too, do I need to send them the site model file too?
3. There is a lot of cut and fill. At the moment, I have building pad at various part of the building. So, IF I decided to link it, do I do the building pad process in the site model (which might be a pain as I need to keep import the latest cad plan into my site model file, and build the pad without the building. And sometimes the cad plan is not entirely accurate)? OR even it is just linked, I could still be able to do the building pad in the overall model, will it cut the topography?

Thanks in advance.
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