Revit rocks and makes my life easier

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Revit rocks and makes my life easier

Postby Conman » Wed May 11, 2011 5:12 pm

Hi everyone, i'm a tutor at Shrewsbury college and have been teaching Revit to my BTEC students since 2008 which almost all of them absolutely love. Sadly, I just cannot get enough screen time to improve my skills much beyond 'advanced beginner' so seeing what you professionals are producing on this site makes me very jealous and does inspire me to try and do a bit more.

Great site here, I know Cadline have set up a similar resource to this, I think there is space for two UK based Revit resources.

anyways, time to go and do some more marking now....keep up the fantastic work everybody.
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Re: Revit rocks and makes my life easier

Postby James » Wed May 11, 2011 6:21 pm

hi and welcome,

how do you find teaching revit?
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Re: Revit rocks and makes my life easier

Postby Conman » Thu May 12, 2011 12:59 pm

It was a step change after teaching Autocad to construciton students.
The syllabus required the construciton students initially just to use CAD in any form so I started getting students to use a very simple kitchen design piece of software that a mnufacturer made avaialble over the internet (I cannot remeber what that was now though). The syllabus changed in 2003 and introuduced autocad specific terminology like paperspace, blocks etc so that forced me to get into AutoCAd. No problems teaching it for basic 2D engineering drawings at large scale but plotting and printing at construciton scales caused most problems for everybody. And if a student wanted a distinction grade they had to produce 3D content!! Not very nice at all. Time given from never having used CAD to the ablity to produce 3D professional content was 32 hours - nobody got close.

so you can imagine the joy which revit 9 bought me....student had got basic 2 functinality within 2 weeks and were well onto 3D, walkthroughs, schedules. It became so intuitive that the CAD option is now a requirement for trades courses like brickies and chippies - They generally all hate computers but are amazed after about 6 hours that they have got professional elevations,plans and 3D content out.

Autocad is now relegated to the first 4 weeks out of 16...I feel that technician students must still know how to work it's basic functionality becuase it is installed in almost every office. As soon as they have comlpleted around 8 of the exercises from the learning autocad texts they jump to revit.

I like to think that we (for once) were ahead of the game by adopting revit in college back in 2005....we were sending students out into work who had experience of cutting edge software that their employers did not know about. The productivity increase even if just used for 2D drafting is immense.
As usual, I am expected to teach myself any new software so this is why the current generation of practitioners have far outstripped my skills but luckily I am teaching absolute beginners so I still look like an expert to them!!

It was mentioned at the Cadline seminar that the government is insisting that BIM is used on all infrastructure project now so it really looks as if Revit is the future. The message was AutoCAD is now a has-been in terms of development but it does still have a place in the 2D drafting world. It will be gone in one more generation of students entering the workplace.

Teaching revit is the highlight of my week...I love it. ...........Just wish I could use it as well as you chaps.
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Re: Revit rocks and makes my life easier

Postby Revit Zone » Thu May 12, 2011 2:56 pm

Hi there!

A VERY warm welcome to the site. We#re a really friendly bunch here!!!!

Great to hear your experiences with teaching Revit and glad your students are enjoying the lessons and software so much.

You are defintiely right- Revit is the future (well, the BIM ethos, shall we say)- AutoCAD is still well engrained in many minds- but the shift has begun.

Looking forward to discussing Revit with you. And of course, all your students are VERY welcome here too!!!! (We'd love to see some of their work in "The Gallery")

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Re: Revit rocks and makes my life easier

Postby Saw » Thu May 12, 2011 2:59 pm

Welcome to the forum!

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